The worst bets you must avoid in baseball

The main reason for engaging in betting is to make a profit through wins. The decisions made during betting determine whether you win or you lose. It is, therefore, essential for you to know what to avoid when making this decision (check for more detailed advice).

This article lists some of the practices that you should altogether avoid when betting on baseball. They include:

Placing too much value on home runs

Home runs are a great deal when it comes to the game of baseball. Several home runs are still iconic to date, and they create one of the most intense and exciting moments in baseball both for the fans and the players alike.

Overvaluing home runs can prove to be costly when placing a bet in a baseball game. There are home run hitters who the bettors would expect to make a home run. It is vital to understand that the frequency of home runs for even the best hitters is only once in every three games.

Making a bet against teams playing on the home ground

If you usually keep a record of baseball games, you will notice a trend on how home teams frequently perform at home. It is amazing how the home teams, which at times are considered underdogs, can overcome the bias to win a game.

The motivation of the home ground is always a factor when placing a bet. A mistake commonly made by most individuals is to assume that there will be an outright win for the visiting team just because they are better than the home team.

Betting on a visiting underdog Team

When you are choosing a team and betting odd, it is essential to consider this factor. An underdog visiting a home team considered to be a favorite in most cases knows the games’ outcome. When a favorite home team has the advantage of playing at home, the result is more often than not expected to favor them.

One big mistake that you can make when placing a bet is choosing a team considered to be an underdog as the winner against a better home team. However much the odds may be higher and more favorable, it is wise not to risk a total loss.

Not considering the over and under-lines.

In baseball betting, the over and under betting odds are among popular options. This option can offer you a substantial value in case of a win. You need to consider games that carry the possibilities of the over and under odds and take advantage of them.

There are chances of games going over the line with more runs scored. These runs may be due to pitchers who are considered weak.

Betting on pitchers who are rookies

Pitchers who are rookies are, in most cases, considered to be unpredictable and not efficient. The performances of the rookies usually are not as good as that of the experienced players. They tend to have very many pitches and are prone to making mistakes that turn out to be costly.

Avoiding a bet placed on the rookie helps to save you money since it is a gamble with a considerable risk of loss.


These are some of the mistakes that you should not make while placing a bet on baseball. The information should help you avoid the common pitfalls that may lead to loss of money.